Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vanessa Fiorini and her cake and her french macaroons and her verbatim directions she sent me via BBM.

Vanessa Fiorini of Vanessa Fiorini Cakes.

Her link is located on the Foodie Section here. ...please look to the right.

I love french macaroons. Much more in fact then their runty little cousins, the coconut macaroons. I asked Vanessa to send me pics and a recipe from her Blackberry the next time she had to make them.

This is a great example how one cook will write a recipe out to another regardless of the degree of difficulty involved in the preparation. Here is what she sent;

336g ground Almonds

444g icing sugar

270g Egg Whites

75g granulated sugar

5g meringue pdr

Whip whites and 75g sugar and meringue pdr, sift together ground almonds and icing sugar in separate bowl. When whites are at stiff peak fold in icing sugar/ground almond mixture . Pipe on to parchment lined trays let stand for 20mins. bake at 300f for 15 min.

Thank you Vanessa for the recipe and pics and basically doing this whole blog entry on your own. Awesome. Thank you as well for not always sticking around the Pastry Department, thus leaving your freshly made french macaroons completely defenseless. Your honest negligence is my gain. 

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