Sunday, April 1, 2012

Colborne Lane; A Stagiaire's Experience

beef short rib (b), tea smoked squab (f)

working beet snow with nitro

beet salad

needed to use quick shutter speed so it did not look like i was standing there taking photos

black truffle + olive oil

height of service,
note how (colorful adjective) clean the line is

pineapple minus 197C

lamb loin

blow-torched cinnamon


an organized fraction of what is in their dry goods area


I will start by summing up the whole experience staging at Colborne Lane.

I am not about to divulge how it is the brilliant, crass cooks do their thing, as you should be the one to take initiative and stagiaire there if you're curious. Before heading in, a Chef quipped to me that there are so many components on the plate because there are "like 40 cooks working the line".

No, 5 actually.

These guys are rockstar cooks. Short shirts, tat-sleeves on most, a vocabulary richly basted in colorful metaphors - largely pertaining to fellow cooks on their most immediate cooking skills.

All that aside, they are among the most professional teams I have worked with. One is in the juice, then all our in the juice.

Many thanks to Colborne Lane's Chef de Cuisine Andrew Wilson for letting me show up and try to be of use to what turned to be their menu rollover weekend. Based on what I have seen in the inside, him and his team are what makes the reputation of Colborne Lane utterly justifiable.

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