Friday, October 2, 2009

"Jerek's Butter"

Mise En Place:
2lt. 35% Cream
2Tbs. Sour Cream (14%m.f)
2Tbs. Organic Yogurt
Zest one each of Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit
2 Julienned Shallots
Aromatics (Pepper Corns, Bay Leaf, Charred Rosemary)
1tsp. Kosher Salt
1) 24 hours before churning, add all ingredients minus the salt together. The key is to store the mixture @ 16C for the duration.

2) 24 hours later, strain the noticeably thicker mixture through a fine chinois by only tapping the side with a ladle rather than using the ladle to squeeze it through (it would produce tiny micro specs that would stick out in butter). At this point, add the salt.

3) Mixing is simple. Here I detail the stages to look out for. The normal procedure is to use the mixing attachment @ 2nd speed for roughly 16 minutes.

3 minutes in.

8 minutes in.

11 minutes in.

Done mixing. Note how well the fat is separated from the butter milk.

4) Strain the residual butter milk through a fine chinois being careful not to press any butter through. Using your hands, take 1 oz. butter at a time and fold it into it's self. This will squeeze out most remaining butter milk from the butter. If you want to be fanatic about it, you can fold the butter in your hands under running COLD water. When the water starts coming out of the butter clear, you have pure butter. Reserve all the butter milk for poaching awesome seafood.

5) Preserving. If you want your butter to last in room temperatures, it's very important you fold it under cold water to get rid of all the butter milk, otherwise, just like real milk at room temperature, it will go rancid quickly. However, in this case, I make the butter to poach lobster in (Sous Vide), therefore I actually like a little butter milk in mine but it does force me to freeze the butter when I don't need it. What I do is take parchment paper, roll the butter in it tightly then use cling film to seal it. Enjoy!

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