Friday, November 6, 2009

Callebaut Chocolate Demo Nov.3rd

I made this.
I didn't.

Plantation specific Chocolate. Probably the coolest thing I tried. Much like wine, the "Terroir" plays a big role in the nuances of the flavours. My favorite was the Peruvian, which had a ripe banana undertone.
The demo took place at Humber College. It was hosted by Master Chocolatiers, Julian Rose (Chicago), and Derrick Tu Tan Pho (Montreal).
Our first selection (Left to Right Clockwise) "Callebaut Crispearls", "Assam Tea Ganache Dome", "Tanzania with Orange Praline", and "Port Wine Ganache, Cocoa Pod".
Our second selection (From Left) "Exotic Chocolate", "Bubble Chocolate Log", and "Cafe Praline".

Sampling of different garnishes. The one I enjoyed the most was the spaghetti garnish (front, right in the pic) which is done by mixing 250gr. salt into 1lt. water, chilling to just before freezing and pouring chocolate into the solution. It will take on a little salinity which is ideal for a dessert with nuts.
Truffles... and the chef is looking the other way...
A Thermomixer. This is relatively new, and I am sure it will be standard in most professional kitchens soon. Here, the Chef demonstrated how to make a White Chocolate Mousse in 3 MINUTES. ...weird.
An A La Carte presentation of "Exotic Chocolate".
A Cake with a "Skeletal Garnish" on top.

There, 3 hours of intense lecturing and demos has told me that chocolate is not only addictive and a meaning of life (which, honestly, I knew before going in), but also, an entire profession of it's own.

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