Friday, November 13, 2009

How to prepare Lobster (and ruin your Karma for life).

The general standard of throwing helpless lobsters (sea bugs) into a vat of boiling water is completely wrong. You must poach the helpless lobsters in a courtbouillion with the heat turned off, then sous-vide their meat in homemade butter! -Delicious!
Here is how I prefer to cook lobster;
1) Make a courtbouillion with lemons and season it salty like the sea. Make enough to both thoroughly cover the lobsters, and enough to set aside to make an ice bath with. Bring to a rolling boil for 10 minutes.
2) Final Hour for the lobsters. Remove the rubber bands from their claws, be aware of any retribution at this point, they are opportunistic creatures who will pinch your fingers as a last act of defiance. It has the potential to be funny if it didn't hurt so much...
3) Turn off the heat. With some of the courtbouillion, make an ice bath, set aside. Without thinking about the lobster's family, throw them into the pot. ...tell yourself you are using the entire carcass, nothing is going to waste, you are a good soul...etc...
4) Poach for 5 minutes, lift the lobsters from the pot, remove the claws and arms, place them in the ice bath. Throw the body back into the pot for 3 more minutes to cook the tail, remove and put into the ice bath right away.
5) Leave the lobster in the ice bath for no more then 3 minutes. Remove the lobsters. Using an area which is cool to get messy, remove the meat from the shells (I save the upper body for garnish) and place the meat on towels to dry. The shells are saved to make amazing stocks with.
6) From here, you can finish off in butter on a pan, but what I do is take home-made grapefruit butter, maldon salt, and a sprig of tarragon and sous-vide the lobster. I bring it to temp. and in Epic we serve it with a choron sauce.
(and forget the fact you had named your lobster before cooking...)

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