Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wanna see what 7 skillfully placed components look like on a 4 inch diameter plate?

"Blow Torch Pineapple Carpaccio
Guava Panna Cotta, Crispy Gianduja Wafer
Pine Nut Nougat, Grand Marnier Strawberry
Candied Vanilla Bean"
Pastry Chef Anthony Galasso left to his own devices.
It never stops to amaze me the talent that resonates amongst our pastry crew. At Epic, they carry as much passion for their craft as the best of us do with our own. I love talking to them, and picking their collective brains. Usually, I will approach them and say "Gimme something I can make at home, I need a challenge". This is usually followed up with a recipe that they have just finished themselves, and it's always wicked.
I dig the fact that they as well are all-too-curious to see what is happening on the savoury line. It's not unnatural to see them on the sidelines asking poignant questions about certain techniques to a dish.
Anyways, I thought this dish stole the show last weekend when we did a 6 course menu. This is all Anthony Galasso's creation. ...though I am still waiting on his torrone recipe... ...just saying...
Guava Panna Cotta
800gr. Guava Puree
300gr. 35% Cream
100gr. Sugar
6 Sheets Gelatin
1) Mix the first three ingredients in a bowl, separately hydrate the gelatin sheets.
2) Squeeze the moister from the gelatin, add to the mixture.
3) Using silicon molds, pour the mixture in. Let it set in a freezer for a cleaner finish.
Crispy Gianduja Wafer
100gr. Feuilletine
100gr. Gianduja
50gr. Nutella
1) Over a double-boiler, melt the Gianduja and Nutella together.
2) Stir in the Feuilletine (a crispy cereal substance that doesn't loose it's crunch as easily as say, Rice Krispies)
3) Pour over parchment, and roll-out. Shape as you wish.

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