Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Madness - a collection of the wicked that was the last couple weeks

We recently switched beef companies for our short ribs. The old company is on the left, the new (right side) is from an Alberta company called "Springcreek". This is our pinwheel cut Short Rib. We braise, then sous-vide the ribs for 24 hours. Note the cleaner, double twined product on the right. Most exciting if you notice is the sexy sexy marbling going on in there. Plus, the bone is longer. This product is doing really well.

I did it! I finally dones it! I got around to salt baking a trout.
8 egg whites, 4 cups Kosher Salt, I stuffed the trout with Lemon, Shallot, Garlic, Crack Black Pepper, Fresh Basil, and Olive Oil.
40 minutes at 425F, the down side being you have to clean the fillets after they cook, so bones can be an issue (new meaning to "I have a bone to pick with you" sorta deal). However, this turned out to be right up there with my favourite fish dishes. I look forward to entertaining guests with this.
The rest of the dish was a roasted cauliflower puree, and my preserved peppers from last summer.
FYI, I used the 8 egg yolks to make a Chai Creme Brulee.
I am loving my julienne cuts these days. I think I had a subconscious stroke that triggered my knife skills because all of a sudden, it just makes sense. I took a picture to honour myself in all my glory. I keep my Mac ridiculously sharp lately too. I am sure this plays a subjective role.

Strawberry Espuma. Not Strawberry Foam.

Pastry Chef Anthony Galasso was working on a foam for an upcoming competition and asked me to try it out. My thoughts swirled around that the taste was dead on (Slightly sweet, and perfect tartness for Strawberry's) and it was very surprisingly light since it looked nothing like a foam.
A name change and couple tweaks where in order and Strawberry Espuma was standardized.

Strawberry Espuma (The Recipe)

300 gr. Strawberry Puree
100gr. Raspberry Puree
2 Sheets Gelatin
80 gr. San Pellegrino

1) Heat the purees together enough to dissolve the soaked gelatin. Add the San Pellegrino, and chill for at least 30 minutes.
2) Pour the puree mix into a C02 canister. Load a C02 tank (the kind used to whip cream) with two cartridges.
3) Espuma away!

Before I jet for pretty much the rest of the month of March, I am leaving a link for anyone interested to check out. I will only say, ...not for me. ...not ...all.

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