Monday, July 26, 2010

Five cool things that came out of July. ...Everything else is at about 34C....

1) Kushi Oyster Sampling
Granny-Smith Apple/Champagne Mignonette
Purdy's Caviar
White Truffle, Pink Peppercorn Vinaigrette
*This plate is all Chef Ryan Gustafson's creation. It was made as a mid-course for VIP's, and frankly Bi-Valves are the fastest way to my own interior Quad-Valves.
2) Seared Foie Gras, Basil/Port Brine Cherries
Braised Cipollinis, Northern Woods King Mushroom, Brioche Toast

*I have learnt you can never really go wrong taking pictures of a foie dish. They always seem to come out so naturally. Ironically, if only foie where as natural...
I was really excited to see this plate go out because it currently is cherry season, and there is very few things I love more then a Cherry/Basil/Foie combo. I was all to happy to turn this year's latest harvest into a delicious preserve which will be used well into the fall/winter season.

3) Roasted Thyme British Columbia Halibut
Fingerlings, Guanciale, Oceanwise Clam Chowder
Heirloom Tomato Vierge

*Okay, a plate you would typically see on a menu starting with the first frost, however, looks are deceiving. The vierge, being completely seasonal allows for less chowder and creates this lighter dish perfect for a mid-summer evening.

4) Saffron/White Chocolate, Candy Apple Confit

*More importantly, Chocolate and flavour infusions. I often check out Francisco Migoya's Blog to see what the very latest trends in pastry are( Recently he suggested Sous-Viding White Chocolate with Saffron @ 35C for 3 hours and to create a modern twist to Candy Apples. Working with Vanessa Fiorini, we were successful into creating a limited edition Petit Four (shown above). Cool concept, which I feel would be much more applicable towards truffles or praline.

5) Classic Brunch with a Brother.

Poached Eggs, Garden Asparagus, Family-Cured Prosciutto
French Bread, Truffle/Mushroom Saute, Parmesan Reggiano
-Served with my awesome Espresso on my awesome Espresso Machine

*I love cooking at home, but I really love cooking at home for visiting foodies. Recently, a brother who happens to work F.O.H. came by for a meal and I was all to happy to pump out this meal which was inspired by Thomas Keller's latest book "Ad Hoc". Remember, no idea in the kitchen is original, but copying those you highly respect is the greatest form of flattery.

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