Saturday, March 12, 2011

To the people who came up with wrapping a banana; will you have to SPLIT the promotion? A little sarcasm and a couple link-ups to awesome foodstuff.

Yea.... this did happen.
What is the freakin' purpose of this? Does this give assurance and confidence to domesticated non-cooks or something? I am hoping this is not ACTUALLY serious. No way right..? Currently I pay $.69 a pound for a pile of fair trade organic top of the line bananas. ORRR, say $.30 per fruit, kinda wonder what the new markup is for the designer packaging above.
Kinda feel a little barfy looking at it...

Ok, on a way better more positive direction in the culinary world
They are a Cali. based Burger Joint that makes everything in house. They process their own cheese!!! It's gloriously greasy food done right. I hooked you up straight to their gallery of food

SECOND! Del Posto Restaurant has a series of youtube clips that showcase specific recipes. THIS STUFF IS OUTSTANDING!! The music and editing are enough to make me very jealous and enviable over the crap videos I use to put out in my skate days (, 10 years ago....really??).


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