Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just when I thought I lost hair working in a kitchen, I went ahead and made a beautiful daughter...

This shot is not nearly as funny when you happen to be the ever-worrying Father of this child. I have convinced myself she thinks this is her prune juice...

I would like to formerly introduce the newest apprentice of BOHK,
Ms. Meah Roselyn Ruthann Bowman.

Ms. Bowman brings a new exciting energy to BOHK with her constant high squeals of gratitude and loud shrieks of opinion. We look forward to starting out her apprenticeship with the very basics, from "Lait a la Mere" to "Goopy Oat Puree that she seems to really love" and beyond.

As the Chef of BOHK, I understand you (the eager apprentice) will strive to excel in your endeavours in the kitchen. I, (The Head Chef!) look forward to a respectable and mutual beneficial relationship in which we both shall learn, grow, and most importantly enjoy our time together when at BOHK. From the first moment I saw you, I knew you would be a perfect fit. On a side note, I have started a small collection of Bordeaux's (along with an RESP of course!) which you are allowed to enjoy (with me) starting in 2036.

-Chef (Dad)

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