Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To cook for another cook...

Diver Scallop Cerviche

Ontario Lamb Shank Ravioli
Guanciale, Medjool Dates, Pine Nuts
Brown Butter, Honey Jus

Cold Poached Lobster Salad
Tarragon/Vodka Grapefruit Confit
Compressed Honey Dew
Purdy Fisheries Caviar

Seared Fois Gras
5-Spiced Brioche French Toast
Macerated Sour Cherries
Almond Froth

Apple Tart Tatin
Lemongrass Gelato
Frangipane Tort, Chocolate Ganache

I have a ton of fun when I have the time and opportunity to design and execute new dishes, especially dishes to be served to another cook.
Cooks will tell you flat out what they like and didn't like about your food.
At worst, a shot to the ego when you were not expecting it. The positive aspect, honed in criticism and (hopefully...!) praise that makes you; - and the dish that represents you better.
In this case, I was happy with the final product, Tara had a blast coming in to eat at the same restaurant she cooks at on a nightly basis, and we got to experience that ultra-satisfaction, that gratifying experience of a job well done that makes this career choice of ours so worth while.
Special thanks to Vanessa Fiorini for being 100% owner on the dessert course!

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