Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grand Cayman Awesomeness II/Epic Review from Toronto Life

It really doesn't get more local then this menu.

Conch Fritters with Scotch Bonnet Aioli on the beach.
Made like crab cakes, there is no discernible "conch" taste to them. It's standard pub fare in Cayman, so when in Rome...

How many people can say they have hung out with a Victoria Secret Super Model? I am not sure actually... BUT I CAN SAY I AM ONE OF THEM! Selita Ebanks and the family on the night of her "Celebrity Apprentice" episode airing globally.

Check #46 of things to do in life off...
Drinking straight up from a wild coconut. Containing about 100ml of not-so-sweet milk, it was still fantastic and messy.

Me holding a machete and drinking from a coconut with a straw because my wife wanted me to be cleaner.
Toronto Life once again came into Epic and tested us out. This time it was not Chatto and it was for our lunch service and not dinner. Anywho, it's very flattering and mentions nothing about over usage of garlic so there is relief in the kitchen. Take a read at this link below;

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