Friday, April 23, 2010

Continuation of the awesomeness that is the Cayman

Interesting B.O.H. side talent;
Dynamite is both cheap and easily sourced on Cayman to create picture perfect shots of the tidal splash.

Yellow Fin Tuna Cerviche
I had a few different style cerviches while on this trip and every restaurant has their own signature, I noted that nobody here actually garnishes with anything crispy like tortilla chips. It works well on it's own considering it's boiler room hot normally outside.

Peruvian Style Prawn Causa
A "Causa" is a very traditional coastline Peruvian dish that keeps a central theme of potato salad with layers of compliments.
Here it was paired with onion confit, roasted tomato, prawns and spiced balsamic. I enjoyed it, however, it was not all there in the texture department. Some variety would have made it perfect.

Red Snapper Tacos
Speaking of perfection... This was easily one of my top two dishes I had the entire trip and they served them with those stupid crispy store bought shells!
NEVER AGAIN will I force myself to open a mystery spice blend and mix it into ground beef! These tacos found an empty place in my heart (I suspect by the Inferior Vena Cava) and sealed itself permanently there.
...actually, based on family history that is not a good thing...

Luckily for this guy I have an allergy to crabs.
A hermit crab. ...don't you think while under intense stress that this sheltered loner has the right idea?

The above plates where greedily consumed at


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