Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cayman Fish Scene (IT'S OFF THE HOOK!!!) ...hahaha...

Local fish monger strolling along the beach with his grouper head.
Actually, he is about to whip it back into the ocean to feed a colony of ghost crabs, which aren't really sellable, so they have a good thing going for themselves there.
This fish market is located right at the docks and the fish are brought in early and discarded at the end of the day. These guys are right in the core of tourist town, so they are battle hardened and give off a permanent thousand yard stare to every inquisitive gesture you make towards them. Truthfully, I could not care less about the hospitality potential of a guy who only wants to sell his fish and be at home. They have a good product.

They are a seasonal market, so at the moment, the fish were exclusively Red Snapper ($4.99 lb.) and Grouper ($4.99 lb.).

I was in the water everyday. The amount of life and clarity of the sea was over the top. PLUS, it did wonders for the sinus infection I was sporting from the pollinated chamber that is Ontario spring air.
I have a vast number of underwater pics, but they are barely food related, rather, here is the first stingray I came across. I chased it, but in the end, I felt it would make a tough textured lunch so I gave up the pursuit.

Local Sushi for the soul!
I did something awesome at this restaurant. I glanced at the menu, saw the usual suspects (Does anybody else really take offense to cream cheese on sushi?) then told the chefs that I'd rather they surprise me with local fish courses. So, I got Yellow Fin with Avocado, Red Snapper, and Tempura Flakes, and Yuzu Marinated Grouper, Tempura, and Shiso.


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