Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Supermarket excursions and a final meal in the Caymans

Dolphin. (This is sooooo not Oceanwise...)
I am so hoping that this is Dolphin Fish, or Wahoo.
Either way, it's ridiculously affordable.
My karma made me pass on this.

The crack addition of my youth; I had to have my shot taken with this selection of the Cocoa Puffs, and Apple Jacks, both of which no longer sell in Canada as far I have sourced.

My lunch from the supermarket;
Tripe and Beans, Oxtail, Grilled Wahoo, Dirty Rice, Stewed Lentils,
Salad of Papaya and Avocado, and a crazy Jamaican drink called June Plum Juice, which tasted like melted Lime Popsicles.

Wahoo Escoveitch
We went out for our last night to Calypso Grill, the best known restaurant on the Island. All said and done, it was superb.
This was my favorite dish I had the whole week. Served with Pickled Fennel, brunoise of Scotch Bonnet, and Onion Crackling, the dish was a revelation of both light and freshness. Impressive seeing as the fish is deep fried.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding Thing.
Canadian restaurants always have a Caesar Salad on the menu, well, Cayman's have the Sticky Toffee Pudding. It is found everywhere, and, the Calypso Grill was both the place that started the tradition and happens to serve the best as well. Light, warm, moist, and huge. Words to live by. Special note that they serve steeped heavy cream, NOT WHIPPED, to make this finessed even more.

THERE! I am done writing about my Grand Cayman experience. It's lovely, we'll go every year or so (No, no, we are not at all rich. We happen to have wicked relatives who are cool enough to put us up) and I'll continue to explore new worlds of food. By that, I have been eye-balling the wild Chickens and Iguanas that are everywhere on the island. The combinations are endless!

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