Monday, May 17, 2010

A random week worth of ramblings.

Random Shot #1
We are working on new ideas for Epic Lounge. This is Seared Duck Confit, De Puy Lentils, Chobai Sausage, Brussel Sprouts with Sundried Sour Cherries, and Preserved Orange Creme Fraiche. It's quite tasty, though, touches need to be made on the plating still.

Random Shot #2
Royal York Hotel Rooftop Honey Beer.
Mill Street Brewery introduced this awesome 6.5% Growler Beer to us this past week. It was interesting to discern the honey tones under the usual hops and bitter notes. Pretty Awesome. ...I like how it comes in a 1.89lt jug...

Random Shot #3
Astronaut Ice Cream
I have relocated my youth and it's only 21 grams and 110 calories!!!!
A "Mastermind" opened near my home north of Toronto so I stopped in to see if they still sold Astronaut Ice Cream and yeah, THEY DO! FOR $4!!! Never mind I am a fully grown mature adult with a valid drivers license and mortgage ...I took home 4 of them. I regret nothing. Best Day Off Ever.

Random Article of the week.
I usually post serious and very relevant articles pertaining to anything significant in my beloved field. I read this piece a couple days ago and figured well, frig, pretty much explains what I have been doing wrong when trying to recreate the same authentic smokey crisp dough I experienced over in Italy. As well, this truly takes creativity in the kitchen a step further then I have ever seen. ...I am sure there is something to take from all this if it's true:) I wonder how you could word that on a menu..



Pizza in Naples may be baked using coffin wood: report

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