Sunday, May 9, 2010

The cooks dilemma; what to feed your boss when he comes in to dine... (insert suspense music here!)

Michael Tan
The best Teppan Chef I have met; he also routinely works in Epic.
First course was easy. "Mikey, you're on cold right? Do something awesome and Japaneasy!"
Unagi, Salmon, and Oceanwise Tuna. Japanese Mayo (like regular mayo only with dashi in it).
The whole sushi is blow torched a la minute to give a really great heat and char taste to it. It was wicked.

Duck and Sherry Consomme, Duck Confit, Sunchoke, and Orange Gremolata Ravioli.
Parisian Heirloom Carrots, Candied Beets, and Tarragon Garnish
Big high five sent to 3rd year apprentice Kerwin for clarifying the consomme. He has won two competitions based on his clarifying abilities so it was only natural he was used here (to his chagrin as he was also trying to manage the veg station prep as well, BUT HE IS A CHAMP WHO BROADENED HIS SHOULDERS BECAUSE OF IT!)

Guanciale Wrapped Rabbit Saddle
Truffle Navy Bean Ragout
Wilted Spinach, Natural Rabbit Demi

Probably my favorite dish. When making the saddle cut, we centered it with the bunny liver and some parsley. After searing and roasting, we rested it in beurre monte. It came out insanely tender.

Braised 24-hour Sous Vide Short Rib, Fois Gras
Celeriac Puree, Cherry-Port Poached Heirloom Turnips
Brussel Sprouts in Bone Marrow Brown Butter
Pear Froth, Natural Jus

My boss, the Chef of Epic, Ryan Gustafson, came in to eat last night. Now, there are two things about that, first, people will ask if I ever get nervous or feel pressure cooking for famous people. The answer is no. Not at all. They are normal people like everyone else. I DO however, find my shoulders a little more tight cooking for other chefs. With them, there is less room for error and if that chef happens to be your boss, that margin goes to zilch! Second, when any cook comes into their own place of work to eat, it's a matter of manners to not let them eat off the menu. This is food they see all day 5 or 6 days a week. So, the Epic Chef came in, we did a 6 course menu. We finished off the meal with a cheese course (with Lemon Steeped Rooftop Honey), and Vanessa (I can do anything!) Fiorini pumped out her famous 'almost savory' Classic Chocolate Souffle and Creme Anglaise.


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