Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cool plates and my veg garden - a beginning.

Chef Ryan and the team from Epic are honing in some new dishes as of recent. Above is a sample of the tastings. Speck and Medjool Dates, Brian Fanning Smoked Salmon and B.C. Spot Prawns, Quebec Fois Mousse with Brioche

Summer Strawberry Soup
Coconut Panna Cotta
(The Soup gets poured in a la minute)

Daniel D'Amore prepping the Strawberry Soup

Seared Lake Huron Perch
Nasturtium, Fennel Pollen Butter
Cauliflower Puree, Sweet Pea Emulsion
Heirloom Carrots, Rooftop Herbs


(Note, how all my sweat and tears has been absorbed into the soil)

We bought our house last year when the market conditions were perfect. Nobody was buying and we had a huge selection to choose from. In the end we settled on a corner home with a huge yard. 2010 was going to be the year I made my garden. I have always really REALLY wanted a garden. Actually, if I had it my way, I would grow and raise everything I cooked. However, in our Leave It To Beaver existence, a Veg Garden makes due.

2010 will also be the year I get a back brace, because it's a lot of work.
I started by cutting the sod at 7ftXft. I went to work one night and my elder Italian Father In-Law made my garden 24ftX7ft. He was right. He is also freakishly strong. It took 5 yards of organic triple mix fertilizer to get enough top soil down (15 inches deep).

So, here is what I am growing my first year, and I will update the progress at BOHK to see what will stay on for 2011.


Tomatoes -Forth of July
Bell Pepper -Red, Green
Heirloom Carrots
English Cucumber
Spanish Onions


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