Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sriracha - a kind of mouth wash and my first veggie offspring!

Smoked Miso Chicken Spring Rolls, Organic Peanut Sauce
Sriracha! (and Asian inspired mat beneath to enhance authenticity)

June 5th, 2010. 37gr.
I shall call them "Caprese!"
These baby toms just came up recently. They are "Forth of July" Tomatoes which mature really early, hence the name. I enjoy their sweet acidic taste a lot.
Sriracha is in the air! Also affectionately known as "Scratchy" to adoring cooks the world over, I wanted to showcase my favorite condiment in at least one blog. This should be seen as an understatement to just how much I go through the stuff.
I have at any giving time 3 giant bottles in storage at home. It's a personal seasoning for myself. It's also a crutch. I am a little nervous about using too much because now "hot" food is not so "hot" as it once was. Kinda like someone who over salts everything and now everything taste bland. ...but it tastes so awesome... I'll just ignore the consequences, similar to my addiction to good chocolate.
My last day off I did not feel like spending money on food; something I tend to do when I am bored and have free time. So, I used leftovers and did the spring rolls. Super easy, no real talent involved. Just slow cook a Miso marinated Organic Chicken over Pear Wood, make the Peanut Sauce with the ingredients you got from Kensington Market (Peanuts, Thai Basil, Curry, Chili, Stock), and garnish with a healthy splurt of Sriracha!

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