Saturday, August 28, 2010

Epic, taking one for the team!

Rooftop Staff Meal
Simple stuff, 6oz. Strip (Rare)
Saute of Onions, Spring Salad, Filtered Water,
Awesome Views,
Mandatory Srircha Bottle...

August 22nd, 2010
Epic Staff Soccer Tourney!
AKA, the day I figured out I am no longer that spry...

Neil "Chico" Belasco standing over Shovgui "No Nick Name Yet" Agayev
*Neil taking the time to train the new guy on the cold line. Show the standards, stay consistent. Shovgui is doing well.

Like every single professional kitchen out there, stress is an accepted piece of the job here at Epic. After all, if you can't take the heat...
Cooks, Servers, Food Runners, Sommeliers, and Host's all endure more then their fair share of stress at times and each person handles it differently pending on their level of sanity.
Now, concurrently, while experiencing stress (CAN I GET SOME SERVICE PAH-LEASEEE!) it's vital for a signature restaurant to also have tight (like a snare drum) TIGHT team work. We rely heavily on each other to strive for perfection.
At times, these two elements of our profession can work against each other, At Epic, we build camaraderie through many facets. Staff meals are a big one. Not done very often, but when the weather is nice out, the reso's aren't too early, we sometimes get a chance to spend time out on the rooftop enjoying a simple meal. It's 30 minutes where little is said, everyone eats together, and we all get wonderful views and fresh air.
Restaurant manager Colin Van Sickle implemented a Soccer Tournament recently. 4 Teams were randomly selected and each team played 4-15 minute games. While my team did not win a single game per se, we ....won in spirit? The best laughs where saved for the complete lactic-acid build up felt by the entire Epic staff for the next 3 days afterwards.
Regardless, it was an amazing time with co-workers, topped by the generous service and beers of Mill Street Brew Pub.
-Jerek "Lot's-of-assists-but-no-goals" Bowman

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