Monday, August 23, 2010

What is the difference between lunch and a luncheon?

House Made Salmon Gravlax
Local Greens and Hand Picked Rooftop Floral, Asparagus,
Muscat Dressing, Creme Fraiche
Norther Woods Mushrooms and Truffle Ravioli
'Monforte' Fresh Chevre, Tarragon, Sunchoke Cream Sauce

B.C. Halibut Poached in Lemongrass Milk
Salad of Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumber, and Yogurt,
Rosti Potato, Chive Oil, Gin-Tomato Coulis

Ontario Lamb Medallions and Braised Lamb Shank
Smoked Du Puy Lentils, Boar Bacon, Peperonata, Creamed Spinach,
Rosemary Jus

'Spring Creek Farms' 10oz. Striploin.
Oh mother, just look at the marbling. We had the opportunity to do a taste comparison between this and two other brands recently. When the tasting concluded, it was obvious to all involved that Spring Creek was the favorite. Not just because of the tenderness (which was beyond comprehensible) but because the taste was different. ...I wouldn't describe it so much as 'gamey' but more I would say 'grassy-er' tasting... It taste like it comes from a small farm. The meat has character so I am really pumped to see it in Epic.

(beep ba beep beep beep...)

Shown above is my typical weekly harvest derived from all the sweat and tears I allowed my Father In-law to spare earlier in the spring.
For the very first year, I consider this crop to be really successful. Without the use of conventional steaks holding the Tomatoes/Cucumbers/French Beans, I have still managed a large yield.

Today, I must go back out and do it all over again, taking about 150 Tomotoes (Preserve), a dozen Jalepenos (Sauce), 20 French Beans (Fish Dinner), 4 Green Peppers (Laura wants Mexican this week) Carrots, Leeks, and Onions (Mirepoix).

I am starting to develop a serious backlog of entries for BOHK (<-I have decided it's an anagram). Definitely not a bad problem to have, but more to the point; rows of pictures are building up on the desktop computer, which according to my wife's facial expressions must be dealt with sooner than later.

I am a survivor, so I am taking a pro-active cue and updating the blog a little more often to make sense of our computer desktop again and to get rid of any potential proverbial digital elephants in the room:)



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