Sunday, October 31, 2010

Working with Iron Chef Kimio Nonaga and making sure he doesn't notice that my Mac is not an atom splitting razor like his is....

Things I wanted to steal but did not; the yuzu and mircoplane.
Butlered Reception, note I left the cling film on to prevent an Iron Chef from creating Jerek Sashimi.
"Nanami Lamb Tenderloin", Roasted Lamb Tenderloin marinated with seven kinds of spices.
"Tarabi-Gani & Shiro-Negi Salad", King Crab and Japanese Leek Salad, Truffle Oil & Japanese Mayo Dressing.
"Maguro Karashi Sumiso", Seared Tuna with Japanese Mustard and Miso Vinaigrette Sauce.
"Vegetarian Nama-Harumaki", Rice Paper wrapped with assorted Vegetables, spicy Sesame Sauce.
Otoshi (Cold)
Amuse Bouche
Italian Black Truffle Flan
Wine: Vino Spumante - Pinot
Cold Appetizer
Four Composed Japanese Tastes
Home made Sesame Tofu, Spinach Mushroom Medley, Foie Gras Opium Poppy Seed Pate, Satsuma Potato Beggar's Bag.
Wine: 2009 ll Vendemmniale Gavi DOCG
Toshi invading my happy spot. Slicing blue-rare wagyu rib-eye.
Kuroge Wagyu Tataki
Sliced Black Wagyu Rib-eye with "Ponzu Sauce", Shisso-Flavored Potato Salad.
Wine: 2007 Roccanivo Barbera D'Asti
Iron Chef Nonaga making a sample plate. We did this too, only without the chopsticks and sure handedness he seemed to ooze.
Cherry Wood Smoked Miso, Marinated Canadian Salmon and Scallop.
Wine: 2009 ll Sensale Roero Arneis DOCG
Rice-dusted Crisped Fluke with "White Snow".
To plate,
Iron Chef: Chopsticks.
Us: Fish Spatulas.
Duck Two Ways
Steamed Minced Duck, Japanese Mushroom Rice "Puck", Simmered Duck Breast with "Hot-Spring" Egg.
Wine: 2005 Barolo Sant'Ambrogio
Dessert (Cold)
Nonaga Original Japanese Cheesecake, "Kinako" & Black Bean Ice Cream, Fried Sugar coated Sweet Potato.
Wine: 2009 Moscato D'Asti DOCG

Culinary Greetings! It has been a little while here at BOHK with an update, however it is the busy season up on 'C' Floor at the hotel and there is lots to do other then post post post. Today I have time so I thought I would showcase the 7 course Japanese Iron Chef for 150 pax we did recently.

Overall it was really really interesting to see the new ingredients and methods involved in such a different culture. I took away many new inspirations but left the yuzu and mircoplane behind!


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