Tuesday, October 12, 2010

End of my twenties (sound of clinking!) and Vanessa with her new Epic dessert offerings (note the dainty plate presentations!)

I recently turned an eye-popping, RRSP/health insurance severely-considering 30 years old!
To celebrate (term used loosely if not completely false), I insisted on friends and food.
We dined at Grazies, a well established Italian place with a low price point but traditional and tasty. With 8 people and more wine and prosecco than I will openly admit, the bill still fell well south of $400.
From there, everyone spent the weekend at my place and behaved themselves wonderfully (*cough).
*Special note, the Sunday crepe brunch at my place rocked.

Creme Brulee
Rooftop Garden Lavender Shortbread

*This is kinda cool. The pastry team takes some of the huge amount of lavender kept up on the roof and rests it in granulated sugar. From there it is a matter of making the shortbread. The lavender comes out brilliantly in the final product.

Strawberry, Pistachio, White Chocolate Semi Freddo
Wildberry - Chamomile Compote
Gianduja Crisp

Chocolate Banana Custard Cake
Almond Praline Gelato, Pate De Fruits

*WOO-HOO, my favorite dessert is finally on the menu. Je suis tres 'appy!

Hot Grand Marnier Souffle

Orange Anglaise, Chocolate Sauce

Perfectly old school and so so good.

I have news of sorts.

I have moved out of Epic and am now based primarily in the Royal York banquet kitchen. After more then 10 years of a la carte service, it is pivotal for myself to learn a new facet of this back of house industry. I will always keep my feet wet in a la carte (aka Epic, as its where my heart is) but for now I am incredibly stoked to work in one of the most busy and bustling banquet kitchens in the country. I have learnt so far that cardio is a great asset up there. Yesterday, I rode 30km on my bike to visit relatives and barely broke a sweat. Banquets will definitely be an awesome experience.

All that aside, this week marked the final week of my garden. All in all it was a huge success. 20+ lt. of tomato sauce, 6 lt. of vichyssoise, and pickled everything else. The winter is shaping up to be exciting culinary-wise at my home (Charcuterie!!).

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