Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiRoNA Gala Dinner, Chef Pino Posteraro, 7 Course Truffle Menu. know, big deal...

Chef Pino Posteraro,
Cippino's Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca

B.C. spot prawn cocktail with tomato crudalola

The crust on the albacore tuna is a mixture of egg whites, cornstarch and panko bread crumbs. The nori/truffle combo was brilliant. One of my more favorite pairings that night.

Crispy B.C. albacore tuna, truffle roasted seaweed vinaigrette

Field mushroom, truffle "sfogliatina", provolone and tartufo
Essentially it's a duxelle, good cheese, with chunks of truffles all wrapped in phyllo. NOTHING wrong with that.

Roasted veal (sous vide) with salsa tonnata al tartufo
(Chef Pino's favorite dish)

Qualicum Bay scallops and polenta terrine, truffle-Balsemico vinaigrette

My first job when I got into the kitchen was to slice the polenta scallop terrine with Chef Pino. I asked him how he managed to get an ultra-smooth finish on the polenta and he replied that he fits in a ratio of semolina flour when making the recipe.

Also, please note the huge chunks of truffles in the pic above.

Massive amounts of assorted truffle sauces.

Nooo big deal.

Happens here all the time.

B.C. line caught, sustainable sablefish, savory zabaglione al tartufo
(Celeriac Puree, Heirloom Carrots, Truffle Foam)
I enjoyed the foam. This was accomplished by adding truffle to soy-milk, spring soda water, and soy-lethecin.

Porcini and chestnut soup, truffle chantilly

Plating up the soup for 200 people and to be "hand bombed" by servers.

The soup had to be whipped at the last minute with sour cream to give an airy texture. This is typical in an a la carte service, so I was impressed to see it happen in banquets.

The lost art of delicately mixing a picky high-end chef's tortellini and a very tasty and expensive truffle-wild boar sausage ragout. Special secret; use the back side of a serving spoon to move the pasta around and prevent any unnecessary grief.

Tortellini "alla Norcina", wild boar sausage ragout and truffle
(My personal favorite dish)

Peace County rack of lamb, eggplant salad, confit garlic lemon sauce

When we were plating up the lamb dish, I was responsible for dribbling the ultra-expensive olive oil on the dish. Within two plates being finished, Chef Pino came up to show me that rather then use 10ml of evoo per plate, he wanted about 25ml! He added that the olive oil does not just give a beautiful flavour, but as well enhances the residual sweetness of the dish.

Granitee of grapefruit with maple syrup marinated fruits

Sweet Fried Milk "alla Genovese" served with gelato al miele di tartufo

At last, the whole truffle menu.

This whole service was a good learning experience. It is not everyday the Royal York brings in a storage trunk amount worth of truffles for Chefs like Pino Posteraro to come show us the whole utility of them. I will make a special note that I wrote the menu items on BOHK exactly how Chef Posteraro wrote it out for us to work with. This is simply because it's all his creation and therefore his interpretations. Great night indeed.

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