Friday, February 3, 2012

I just noticed the first pic below could be packing a subliminal message...

4:00pm Oysters and an amazing Riesling. Annnnnnnddddd go!
5:45 Foie Pate, same Riesling. Note to self, going down SO smooth. (Continue on!)
A moment of admiration.
7:45, Amazing Lamb Course... Heavy heavy 2007 Minervois... Life is love... life.....
10 O'Clock Something. The highlight. $80 Barolo with the Veal. Grown men do cry together sometimes.
1:15 am (Strained to look at the clock). "You know, maybe we can hold off on the cheese course until breakfast." -Mentioned after us trying Quebec Maple Whiskey.

kay, I am going to copy and paste the menu that Steve (Shops for wines the same tedious way he shops for jeans) Ross and I shot back to each other a few times to finally get to where we wanted to go. Just a heads up, this took us 10 hours from start to finish and we did not get around to the manly cheese course... We DID drink most of the wine though.

Finally, here is your weekly link, and another reason I do not like Maple Leaf Foods.

A Menu Which Shall Live in Infamy…
“Boys Day In, SO EVERYONE ELSE (Take a hike) MENU”
St. Lawerance Market Sourced Malpaques
Mignonette(Make a Double Batch Dec.23rd), Lemon, Tobasco, Black Pepper… Yea…
I’m thinking a Burgundian White here, or even an Ontario white from prince Edward county, they are super minerally and CHEEP! (like the budgee) So Totally Man.

2010 Willm Riesling Reserve Vin D'Alasce

Pate De Canard
House Pickled Garden Vegetables, Bread to start sopping up the alcohol…
Fois Gras, Chicken Livers, Shallots, Garlic, Thyme, Port, Sherry, Truffle Oil, Egg Yolks(?), Room Temperature Butter
I want to see a reisling here
I like where you’re going with this Frenchie. Ontario Reisling? Orrrr Alsace?
(Same Wine as Above)
Lamb Scottaditta
Sicilian Green Olive Tapenade
Green Olives, Shallot, Garlic, Chili, Rosemary, Coriander, Orange Zest, Anchovies, Pepper, EVOO
Lamb Scottaditta What is this?
I am intriqued, because if I agree to this dish, YOU will be spear heading it.
Olive Tapanade, little cute cubed homefries (crispy)
Californian Pinot or maybe a tempranillo/garnacha
2007 Domaine Pierre Fil Cuvee Elisyces Minervois
Barolo Braised Veal Ossobucco (Cheeks?)
Mirepoix, Garlic, Wild Mushroom, Demi, Barolo, Honey, Sachet – Sous Vide
Alba White Truffle Polenta, Spinach,
Natural Jus
2005 Andrea Oberto Vigneto Rocche Barolo
Braised Beef Short Rib I work shortribs to death everyday at work. I really super do not want this but I do offer two wildly wicked ideas I feel you would do for.A) Brunello or Something like it Braised Veal Ossobucco, Alba White Truffle Polenta, Wilted Spinach, or B) Spiced Braised Wild Boar, or Pork Belly, Basted Egg, Mushed Pea Hash
Make it sweet. Some sort of Awesome green here would be a great accompaniment.
Okanagan Cabernet/Merlot

It Sorta Feels Like… Warm Maple Pecan Pie
(Pate Brisee?)
Hot Cinnamon Spiced Clotted Cream
Quebec Sortilege
Warm Pecan Pie
Bourbon Crème Anglais
(I think we’re doing good for booze at this point) Good Call
Espresso with Booze
Ash Rind Goat, Geai Bleu, Something Harder, Salty…
Honey and Bread
20 Year Taylor Fladgate Tawny Port
Dude I’m feeling Peckish..
Manly Cheese Selection
Stuff with mould on it
Unreasonably rare artisan stuff we will need to source and hide the credit receipt from the girls…
Fruity Fruit…
And Honey.
So totally! Done.

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