Monday, February 22, 2010

Terrines, Moelleux, et Poisson!

Speck, Fois Gras, and Port Poached Pear Terrine
Quince Chutney, Brioche, House Made Granola

Seared Sea Bass
Sweet Potato Puree, Brussel Sprouts
Lobster Beurre Monte

Balsamic Glazed Tuna Loin
Sauce Vierge, Spanish Olive Oil
Avocado Mousse, Watercress

Trial Plate...
Medjool Date Moelleux
Big Brother Cheese
My favorite shot posted above is the Sea Bass photo. Not at all for the quality, but for the fact that I took the shot smack dab in the middle of the ridiculously busy Valentines Day rush and everyyyyyoonnee was too focused to notice and yell at me. If you look in the background, you can see a row of chits still needing to be fired. Good times indeed.
I'll talk a little about the Moelleux. Moelleux is a french adjective meaning "soft, tender, mellow, moist, and sweet". Occasionally used to describe Molten Chocolate, we found it suitable to name this Quasi-Bavarian Date creation into the same category.
The process which Anthony "The Imagination" Galasso did to create this Medjool Date Moelleux was brilliant.
-Heat Vanilla Bean Infused Milk. Add the steeped liquid to the pitted dates, cover and rest refrigerated for 3 hours.
-Puree the mixture and sit it on the sidelines.
-Whip egg yolks, and slowly incorporate 120C Simply Syrup into them.
-Fold the Yolk mixture into the Puree.
-Dissolve Sheet Gelatin and incorporate.
-Add Whipped Cream as the final ingredient.
-Let set on any vessel you wish to serve it. Small parfait moulds seem ideal, especially serving on a cheese plate.

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